ready to move

Welcome to the start of an amazing journey. Yoga is an important component of a healthy lifestyle, and a great compliment to other forms of exercise.
Yoga will make you feel better not only physically, but also mentally & emotionally.
Taking your first class at movements yoga is not only an exciting but also, at times, a daunting affair with lots of unknown questions such as:
“is this right for me?”. We very well understand the difficulties faced by first time yoga students and therefore put a lot of thought into making sure your first yoga experience is fun, hassle free and ultimately very rewarding.

beginner’s guidelines

start slow.
All classes are suitable for all level students. when you come for your first class, please introduce yourself to the teacher before class.
If you have any injuries or any concerns please inform him/her before class starts. The teacher is there to make your class an inspiring and positive experience, so the more they know, the better it will fit your personal needs.

find your fit.
Be open to new experiences by trying a few (or all) of the different styles of classes we offer.
That’s a great way to find the yoga and pilates style that suits your personal preference & fitness goals.

give yourself time.
Do not give up after your first yoga or pilates class. Give a particular class style at least 3 tries before moving onto another style.
This is because your body takes time to adapt, and starting something new is never easy. After a few tries when your body gets used to new openings & boundaries you may find yourself beginning to like the class.

practical information

choose your first class.
Remember, all classes are suitable for all levels.

create your profile on our website.

stay hydrated.
Drink enough water, slightly more than you usually do.

eat regularly.
Try not to eat during the last 1.5 hour leading up to your class. Just to avoid uncomfortableness while twisting and bending your body due to a full stomach.

wear a sports outfit.
One you feel comfortable practicing in, that allows your body to move freely. We recommend moisture wicking fabrics over cotton.
Women tend to wear shorts or leggings and a sports bra, with or without a shirt. Men usually wear only shorts.

bring a water bottle.

arrive early.
Please arrive to the studio 20min before your first class. We’ll give you a tour of the facilities, introduce you to your teacher, making sure you leave the busy day behind and start your class peaceful and relaxed.

mat and practice towels are provided.
And waiting for you in the room. You will notice a few mats with a sign saying “welcome first time student”.
If you have no previous yoga experience, we recommend you to use one of these mats. These spots give you the best overview of the room, and the teacher can easily locate you. If you’ve done yoga before, go ahead and choose whichever mat you wish to practice on.

we practice in silence.
If you’re coming with a friend, make sure you leave the conversations outside of the room. Give yourself and others the gift of silence.