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Every Saturday, 17.30- 18.45
Teacher: Lydia
Studio: City

Bookable with memberships and packages

Yin with Aromatherapy is a slow and deeply restorative practice.Soothing yin postures are infused with aromatherapy, calming your nervous system and supporting the relaxing power of the practice. Each class will be themed around a specific essential oil. You will feel the benefits of the oils, whilst enjoying an immersive sensory experience. This is the perfect class to focus your mind, destress and truly relax.

The Art of flow

23th May, 17.00- 18.30
Teacher: Tanya
Studio: Haarlem

Special Class

This dynamic practise style which focuses on transitions and linking movements to breathe in an effort to flow into a state of joyful presence. This class will help you understand the concept and roots of vinyasa flow yoga.

The Breath

Teacher: Oscar
21st May, 16.30- 18.30
Studio: Haarlem

4th June, 16.30- 18.30
Teacher: Oscar
Studio: Vondelpark

Workshop Price: 35€

Experience the power of your breath:
A 2 hour workshop , including a 6 0 minute guided breathing session ,
perfectly tuned to custom made music, helping you enter into the NOW .
The multiple cycles of breathing, followed by retention, will instantly
boost your immune system.
Join us and experience the incredible power of your breath!
Dress in layers, including socks .

Oscar learned about the power of breathwork from his friend Wim Hof during their preparation to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in shorts in 2015. After this adventure, Oscar participated in many additional trainings and finally became a Wim Hof Instructor. He’s also a certified MMS life coach and working hard on becoming a breath coach this spring. Oscar and Wim still train together every few weeks.


Time: 17.00
Teacher: Julie

Discovery Day Class
Date t.b.a

If you’re interested in learning what it takes to become a Hot Pilates teacher at movements studios, join Julie in this special class.
Hot Pilates class, followed by Q&A about the training.

* Our upcoming Hot Pilates teacher training dates: June 1 – 12, 2022