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meike witteveen
from: amsterdam
age: 25
occupation: professional softball player

at the beginning of every new softball season, i have always injured a muscle. it didn’t matter if I did an intense warm up or not. i would always pull something.
i decided that something had to change. i had to become more flexible. a softball friend of mine from the U.S. told me about hot yoga and that’s how i started to practice.

i haven’t had a muscle injury since i started yoga. yoga has taught me a lot about my body.

when movementsyoga amsterdam opened i was very excited to go and check it out. i don’t think I will go to any other yoga place in amsterdam. the classes are great. the atmosphere is very relaxed and i love the outside showers.

hans busker
from: amsterdam
age: 30
occupation: professional sport climber

hot yoga is the perfect addition to my professional climbing career. it keeps my body & mind in perfect balance.

when a am doing hot yoga at the movementsyoga amsterdam studio, i am only focused on the postures and my alignment without noticing the other students. this is very different from competitive climbing where rivalry is an important element.

from a physical standpoint, yoga allows me to use all of my muscles and bring them in balance; whereas, climbing uses very specific muscles.

the heat helps me to get more flexible & reduces the risk of injuries.

boulder climbing is a special type of climbing where the athlete uses a short piece of wall and decides himself how to get to the top.
it’s a short, explosive exercise where technique, strength and balance are vital.

john brennenraedts
from: amsterdam
age: 49
occupation: export manager chemicals

i practiced hot yoga before in other studios. But aya makes hot yoga a much more pleasant and relaxed experience. it is more a club than a studio. you can define it as the asian approach of hot yoga.

in many details you see this is a service oriented yoga studio where you feel at ease. for instance you don’t have to bring your extra towel and mat. besides that, you can choose from 4 types of yoga class; so you can vary if you want. the 2 studios are beautiful with mirrors on 2 walls, and the changing rooms with lockers are very hygienic with single shower units. the tea room is a good hangout to recover after the intensive class and to have a chat with some yoga class mates or teachers.

just walk in for a cup of tea and have a look around. see for yourself which of the 4 types of yoga class suits you best… and do leave you mat and extra towel at home.

coen wessels
from: amsterdam
age: 51
occupation: doctor of psychiatry & addiction

movementsyoga amsterdam is a gorgeous site for practicing hot yoga, and the teachers are very pleasant and knowledgeable. i always, without any exception, experience an inspiring and energizing session. i like the laid back yet professional atmosphere, something to look forward to in the evening after a long and tiresome working day. i go 3-4 times a week. i couldn’t think of a more worthwhile hobby, and i hope to continue many years to come.