schedule of classes

Movements classes are open to all levels, and beginners are always welcome.
Which class will be your favourite? Try them all and discover for yourself.

explain the good stuff

Some students discover one class that is their favorite while others enjoy practicing a variety of styles.


core & flexibility.
90 and 60 minutes

our signature hot yoga class, features an intense and varied series of hatha yoga poses. practiced in a room heated to 40 degrees celsius. hot c is designed to improve your core strength and flexibility.
a strong core increases your balance and stability, promotes a good posture and a healthy back, makes you better or stronger in many sports as well as an easier day-to-day life. flexibility improves your range of motion which boosts your performance, wherever you go. longer and stretched muscles help prevent injuries, back pain, and balance problems. 


hot & sweaty.
60 minutes

may we introduce the Extra Hot C 60. for students that seriously like to sweat, we upped the temperature to 42 degrees. that’s around 3 degrees above the average you’re used to. a possibility to experience a more intense class. your muscles will warm up just a touch faster, and you’ll get to experience a super intense class. join our Extra Hot C and your muscles will love you forever.


strength & stamina.
60 minutes

enhanced bikram style class. 60 minutes of classic hatha yoga poses, practiced in a room heated to 40 degrees celsius. hot s is designed to make you stronger and fitter.
by holding postures longer, both strength and stamina are trained. it stimulates aerobic efficiency, which brings more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, while removing metabolic waste. it increases your fitness. on top of that: with strength comes stability.


breath & movement.
75 and 60 minutes

these are very dynamic vinyasa classes, also known as power yoga when done in a fast pace. flow is practiced at room temperature and the hot version is practiced at 35 degrees celsius. increased movement in a seated society is absolutely essential for health. during flow & hot flow the postures flow with the breath from one into the other in a smooth sequence. the body is heated from the inside out starting with the famous sun-salutations.


energy & calmth.
75 minutes

we’ve all gotten to love our Yin classes, so we thought let’s bring in some more, with a twist. our idea is to give you a chance to end the work day with this great combo of dynamic and passive postures.
combining the best of both worlds; two styles of yoga in one practice. bringing together the benefits of Yin and passively holding poses, with more dynamic sequences and standing postures in a Vinyasa style Yang. the first half of class is active and begins with a flow in a warm room, finishing off with Yin at room temperature. perfect end to your day! join our Yin Yang class and experience the perfect balance.


core & posture.
60 minutes

a beautiful, strong & long body posture is one of the goals of our pilates classes. pilates is the art of controlled movement. it improves flexibility, builds strength and develops control and endurance in the whole body. it emphasizes alignment, breathing and developing a strong core, while improving coordination and balance. pilates comes in two flavors at our studio; hot pilates is an invigorating cardio workout, whereas power pilates is more about building strength. 


slow & deep.
90 and 75 minutes

a passive practice, aimed at stretching the deeper laying connective tissues, mostly in seated and supine postures, generally held for 3 to 5 minutes. this concentration on stillness of body


lean & music.
60 minutes

yoga and fitness combined for ultimate workout, heart rate to the max, some weight lifting to get lean and strong, taught in a fun way. boost your metabolism. room is heated to 35 degrees celsius. get ready to sweat.


deep & music.
60 minutes

our unique hot barre class is performed in a heated room of 35 degrees giving you a very deep stretch, releasing toxins, and improving your mood. it’s a fast moving class; moving quickly from one exercise to the other whilst focusing on the form, and of course using a barre as our main prop. teamed with a playlist of upbeat tunes to have you leaving worked out, in a great mood, ready to rule the day ahead.