what are the benefits of hot yoga?

weight loss
the systematic use of breath and internal heat increases metabolism, induces sweat, stimulates elimination, and reduces food cravings, resulting in weight loss. one hot yoga class can burn in between 400-700 kcal.

strength and flexibility
with regular asana practice (postures), weak muscles are strengthened; tight muscles become more flexible bringing balance to the body. by learning how to breathe properly during hot yoga, the mind is able to better focus, bringing strength and flexibility to both body and mind.

practiced dynamically, (hot) yoga raises the heart rate and increases the circulation of oxygen-rich blood to every cell in the body. it increases blood circulation to the joints, connective tissues, and internal organs. asanas (postures) create opening and spaciousness so blood can go to places that are generally closed and tight.

detoxification (mind and body)
by breathing deeply and deliberately, stale air is removed from the lungs. heat generated externally and internally helps to induce sweat, detoxify your skin, and increases circulation by raising your heart rate.

practicing (hot) yoga postures brings a great sense of well being. learning how to breathe through a stressful posture translates into dealing with stressful situations with calm and grace in your daily life.

breath control
by practicing breath/movement coordination, we learn to focus the mind. over time it becomes possible to maintain a deep, consistent breath throughout an asana practice, regardless of the level of difficulty or the discomfort. in this manner, (hot) yoga teaches us that breath is a tool to help control our state of mind, regardless of the daily stresses we encounter.

overall fitness
the practice of asana (postures) is a rare physical activity that promotes wellness in body and mind. when practiced with mindfulness, (hot) yoga is an exercise system that will reduce the imbalances that lead to injuries and complications later on in life.

reduces stress
stresses in our daily lives have a direct impact on our body affecting our digestion, circulation, immunity and emotions. prolonged stress has been proven to lead to serious diseases. a regular (hot) yoga practice calms the body and mind, rebalances the nervous system, boosts the immune system and detoxifies the body.