Our monthly program, including workshops, special classes and events


“Explore your inner world; Vinyasa and Nidra”

Sunday, November 24th | 16h – 17.30h

In this workshop we will connect to the Chakras, powerful energy centers of the human body, through a Vinyasa flow. Finishing with XXL Yoga Nidra, or “Yogic Rest”. Natalia will guide you into an hour long deep rest to release any stress of the week, anxiety, blockages and tension.

This workshop is very beneficial for people who lead a very active lifestyle, running around throughout the week and tend to go for an active workout. The Yoga Nidra which will be used in this workshop, coming from the IRest Yoga Nidra lineage, has been known to help fight:

  • insomnia.
  • chronic pain.
  • depression.
  • anxiety.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Please reserve your spot on time as places are limited.

21 Day challenge

Start December 1

21 classes in 21 days. Any class counts. Practice every day for 21 days to turn your sweat into shine. Make yourself accountable. 

Let’s do this together.


To take your Yoga practise to the next level, to challenge yourself, to break bad. Everyone has a different motive to join our 21 day challenge.

Some days you will not want to turn up. Life will get in the way. There will be excuses, sometimes really good ones. You will build trust in yourself. You will create self-respect. But if you focus on your practice, turning up to the mat and crafting habit patterns of transformation no matter what, you will go deeper. 

You will have breakthroughs. Your understanding of the practice will deepen, but you will also find poses or exercises you struggle with cracking open for you. Not every practice will be sublime – sometimes you will want to be anywhere other than in the midst of your practice – but every now and then you will have the best practice of your life.


Teacher training

Start May 7th 2020
Discovery Day December 12th

Movements Yoga Academy team is certified by the Yoga Alliance to offer an exclusive 200-hour alliance certification Hot Yoga course.

This intensive Hot Yoga course is designed specifically to turn students into Hot Yoga teachers. We accomplish this very succesfully through practice teaching, functional anatomy studies, yoga history, speaking skills and leadership training. The course is scheduled on 2 Intense 4days and 6 Intense weekends, starting May 7th.