5 ways to relax

(for those of us not leaving Amsterdam)

of course it seems easiest to relax while on the beach in thailand, france or even holland, but some of us do not take holidays this summer and for them we have 5 ways to relax.

with the digital and technology boom, society is becoming more efficient than ever but there is a cost: we don’t know how to relax anymore! we should realize that unwinding is just as important – if not even more important that working!

here are some simple and lovely reminders on ways your can relax – today!

1. digital detox! it’s rare to find anyone who can live without their smart phones these days. i mean, who’s actually watching where they are going or waiting and not texting or checking their facebook? as a result of this, we can benefit from having a digital detox day. that means, phone off, computer off, everything off! the only way you can be reached is the trusty old snail mail. turning off all your handy devices can help you unwind because it won’t throw a million things into your mind at once.

2. do (movements) yoga. The foundation of yoga is connecting the breath with the body and mind. the basis of this involves concentrating and reflecting within, which will naturally quiet your mind. if thoughts are running through your head at a mile a minute, breathing deeply can help you consciously slow them down. a lot of balancing postures are virtually impossible if you are not focused, so they’re the perfect way to calm yourself down. take deep breaths and let it all go!

3. take a weekend adventure. sometimes it helps to get out of the city/familiar surroundings. take a weekend trip to go camping, or even a day trip hiking. drive to the nearest beach and just take in nature. fresh air and a bit of sunshine will do a whole lot in relaxing your body and mind. some exercise will release feel-good endorphins so it will be a win-win!

4. try a massage. go to a local spa or ask us for tips for a great massage. undoing the body knots is a good pathway to undoing the mind knots.

5. laugh. All natural and free! nothing, nothing beats a good old laugh! surround yourself with your favorite people who make you smile. good company is always the key to great laughs! not to mention – laughing is like a core workout: you’ll notice a more toned tummy with more frequent laughs.

now go out and relax!