hi, i'm Richelle

I do yoga to find the answers I can’t find on google

8 years ago Richelle’s mom introduced her to yoga. After playing field hockey in her youth her body had become so very stiff. Since she started practicing the physical form of yoga she found that it has brought her so much more than a strong and flexible body. In yoga she finds the re-connection between body and mind. When she practice yoga her monkey mind finally shuts up!

Richelle is passionate about nutrition and truly believes in the old saying of Hippocrates: let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Good food habits are the foundations of a healthy body and a strong yoga practice. Of course she also indulge sometime in chocolate and homemade cookies! She calls that food for the soul :).

As front desk leader she makes sure that we as a team deliver the best service possible. This entails a clean, cozy and awesome looking studio. She loves to engage and get to know all the members in the studio as she believes in the community feel that makes Movements Yoga a great studio.