hi, i'm Noes

I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be

After years of working in the corporate world and running her own company of skincare therapy she decided to move on in life. Along the way Noes had found her path of personal development by practising yoga, attending multiple meditation retreats and follow all sorts of interesting courses.

At the beginning of 2013 right after the opening of Movements Yoga Noes was biking daily from work and passing by. Out of curiosity she entered the building and ended up talking to the former studio manager asking her to come and work at the front desk. Right there and then she found the perfect combination of using her professional work experience and her natural longing for personal growth at one place.

After years of helping to build the company at the frontend to what it is today Noes took the challenge to become studio manager the moment it came free. She always tries to safeguard the core of the company where service is the key. At the backend she likes to maintain and improve the flow in every extend as much as possible. All in order to give the members the experience they deserve every single time.