hi, i'm Florence

I already want to do yoga tomorrow

Florence started her yoga practice in 2012 when she stepped into a 40 degrees heated Bikram yoga class room not knowing what she was in for. She was wearing warm tracksuit bottoms, a rather thick T-Shirt and giggled during the breathing exercises. Yet, she instantly fell in love with the intense cleansing and purifying effects of hot yoga. Not only had her sleep improved from day one, but she also found new strength, grounding, discipline and Self Love. Her life was forever transformed, from inside out.

There was no other outcome for her but to take on the joy and responsibility of spreading the deep love and light of yoga to others. In November 2014 she flew to Bali to complete her 250 hours teacher training.

In her classes Florence prioritizes the breath, with a focus on technique and alignment underpinned by compassion and discipline.