hi, i'm Erik-Jan

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change

Erik-Jan was a professional field hockey goalkeeper with the Dutch national team until the age of 30. Shortly after the world championships in Sydney he decided to become an entrepreneur. Ever since then he has been helping individuals as well as companies to perform at a higher level. Erik-Jan works as a consultant and guide for business transformation. All along, sport, health and well-being have been woven into both his private and professional life.

Transforming a sports career into an entrepreneurial business career was very challenging. In fact, the associated stress and pressure started to take its toll. It was then that he experienced the miracle of yoga. From his very first lesson in 1999 Erik-Jan was hooked. He started practicing on a regular basis, first in Amsterdam and then all over the world, exploring various teachers, styles and kinds of retreat. Yoga became a vital feature of his life, helping him relax, remain supple, center and establish profound connection with himself and the world around him.