hi, i'm Christa

Passion for movement

After the birth of Christa’s daughter, Deva, in 1996, she decided to say goodbye to the hospitality industry and started training as an Aerobic Instructor. Having always had a passion for movement. Her challenge was teaching, which was harder than expected and took years to craft her skill and make her students feel comfortable whilst enjoying the workout.

After several years of teaching, Pilates hit the headlines. Christa  was sold and followed courses and workshops in 2003 and 2004 to expand her knowledge. Pilates helped Christa to expand her awareness of how the body functions and the importance of correct posture, especially in a time where people are spending a lot of time behind computers. This knowledge and passion was further developed during an Ashtanga & Power Vinyasa Teacher Training.

Christa’s workouts consist of strength, conditioning, pilates and yoga. This allows you to develop stronger muscles, more flexibility and better balance. Not only physically but also mentally.