Back to Work challenge

starts september 1

10 classes in 10 days. Get back to your daily routine with a strict Hot Yoga practice. Turn your sweat into shine. Make yourself accountable.

let’s do this together

Why do the 10 day challenge?

To take your Yoga practise to the next level, to challenge yourself, to break bad. Everyone has a different motive to join our challenge. Some days you will not want to turn up. Life will get in the way. There will be excuses, sometimes really good ones.

You will build trust in yourself. You will create self-respect. But if you focus on your practice, turning up to the mat and crafting habit patterns of transformation no matter what, you will go deeper.

You will have breakthroughs. Your understanding of the practice will deepen, but you will also find poses or exercises you struggle with cracking open for you. Not every practice will be sublime – sometimes you will want to be anywhere other than in the midst of your practice – but every now and then you will have the best practice of your life.

What if I miss a class?

You can do a double, either back to back classes or a class in the morning and another in the evening, to make up a missed class.

We don’t encourage you to do this very often – the idea is a daily practice. But if you are going away for a weekend you can still get in your 10 classes. On the days you can’t get to the studio, we recommend you do a home practice either of Yoga or Pilates.

What if I don’t complete the challenge

About 50% of people attempting the challenge don’t complete all classes. They still do a lot of yoga and pilates for the month and feel good! Many people take 3 or more attempts before they manage to complete a full challenge. That’s why it’s called a challenge! So you can learn from it, and try again next time …

Will I lose weight?

Possibly. You will be doing a lot of exercise, which certainly helps, but as the saying goes, abs are made in the kitchen, not in the studio … it really comes down to what you eat. We have found that a daily practice makes us more mindful of eating beautiful, nourishing food, and not too much of it. This tends to lead to weight loss.